Mini Treasure Hunt - With Chris - Friday

Mini Treasure Hunt - With Chris - Friday

Pearl Party Australia

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We’re going on a treasure hunt and we need your HELP.
Let’s find all the missing treasure!

With Captain Chris as your expert tour guide, you’ll be guaranteed to find treasure!

Once you have purchased your treasure hunt/s, head back to our facebook page at 8PM QLD Time  for our LIVE SHOW.

What’s included for your $25?

1 x Treasure Map 🗺 
1 x Mini Treasure Hunt 💎

Treasure Map -👨‍✈️ Captain Chris will show you your treasure map on the screen when it’s your turn, the map is made up with squares, some squares may have bonus points, discount codes or gift cards, Captain Chris will roll the dice 🎲 as many times as it takes to complete the map. There is so much to WIN. But be careful.... Pirates may TAKE EVERYTHING 🏴‍☠️

Treasure Hunt - once you’ve completed your treasure map to earn those extra bonuses, Captain Chris will ask you to pick a number from the sand blocks behind him. It’s a bit dangerous so Captain Chris will do all the digging for you. What treasure will you find?